Río Escabas
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In the heart of the Serranía

The hotel Río Escabas is located in Cañamares, the most central point to enjoy the best excursions in the Serranía de Cuenca. Here you will find the valley of the Escabas River decorated by the Wicker Route and the Cañamares Beach where you can enjoy the crystal clear waters that join the Tagus River.

You will see magical places such as: Source of the Cuervo River, Enchanted City, Hoz de Beteta Natural Monument, Escabas River Bank, Hosquillo Hunting Park, Cueva de Hierro Mine, Monsaete Viewpoint, Covento de San Miguel de la Victoria Viewpoint, among others.

Las mejores rutas de senderismo: Fuente de los Tilos y Cueva del Armentero en la Hoz de Beteta, Mirador del Cucurucho en Fuertescusa, Ruta del Embalse de Chincha en Puente Vadillos,  Ruta del Repetidor de Priego.

People and Culture: Priego and its potteries, Beteta and the ruins of Fuertescusa Castle, its spring and bathing areas.

Cañizares and its viewpoints: The Blacksmith’s Shop of Santa Cristina


La Vega del Río Escabas is a dream place for nature lovers. Its lush landscapes and crystal-clear river offer a unique experience. Here, visitors can enjoy activities such as hiking, cycling and bird watching. In addition, the area has picnic areas and viewpoints from which to contemplate the beauty of the surroundings. The Vega del Río Escabas is the perfect destination to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and connect with the tranquillity of nature.

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The wicker route is a fascinating tour for those interested in discovering the artisanal process of creating wicker objects. Along this route, visitors can explore workshops and shops where baskets, furniture and other products are made using this versatile plant fibre. In addition, there are guided tours explaining the history and tradition of wicker in the area, as well as live weaving demonstrations. This route offers a unique opportunity to learn about local craftsmanship, appreciate the skills of the artisans and take home unique handmade pieces as a souvenir of the experience.

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Cañamares Beach in Cuenca is a natural oasis that captivates lovers of sun and tranquillity. Set amidst a mountainous landscape, this river beach offers crystal clear waters and golden sands, creating an idyllic setting to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the beach has picnic areas and shaded areas, perfect for enjoying a day outdoors with family or friends. You can also enjoy activities such as swimming, kayaking or simply contemplate the natural beauty that surrounds it. Cañamares Beach is an unmissable destination for those looking for a refreshing and natural getaway in the province of Cuenca.

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Source of the Cuervo River

The source of the Cuervo River, in the province of Cuenca, is a breathtaking spectacle of nature that takes the breath away from all who visit it. This fluvial wonder is characterised by its waterfalls and pools of turquoise waters that meander along the riverbed. Surrounded by a wooded and lively environment, the Nacimiento del Río Cuervo offers nature trails with breathtaking panoramic views. It is an ideal place for hiking and nature photography. Every corner of this magical place looks like something out of a fairy tale, making it a must-see destination for lovers of nature and scenic beauty.


The Enchanted City of Cuenca is a magical and surreal place that seems to be taken from another world. Located in the heart of nature, this geological site fascinates visitors from all over the world. Its rock formations, sculpted by erosion over thousands of years, create whimsical and fantastic figures that stir the imagination. From the famous «tuffs» to castle-like structures and animals, every corner of the Enchanted City is a natural work of art. The trails that cross it allow you to enjoy a walk among unique rock formations, making the visit unforgettable for young and old alike.

Hoz DE BETETA Natural Monument

The Hoz de Beteta Natural Monument, in the province of Cuenca, is a natural treasure that delights lovers of geology and scenic beauty. Located in the Serranía de Cuenca, this impressive gorge is carved by the Guadiela river, forming vertical cliffs and narrow gorges. Its rocky walls are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, making it a refuge for protected species. Trails winding along the canyon allow visitors to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views and explore hidden caves and grottoes. The Hoz de Beteta Natural Monument is a perfect destination for nature and adventure lovers.

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  • Parque Cinegético del Hosquillo
  • Mina de Cueva de Hierro
  • Mirador de Monsaete
  • Mirador del Covento de San Miguel de la Victoria
  • Ruta del Repetidor de Priego
  • Fuente de los Tilos
  • Cueva del Armentero en la Hoz de Beteta
  • Mirador del Cucurucho en Fuertescusa
  • Ruta del Embalse de Chincha en Puente Vadillos
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